Factor Investing Pure and simple

Published By: HSBC Global Asset Management | October 26, 2018

Smart beta investing has become increasingly popular in recent years. A more sophisticated approach eliminates unwanted risks, providing a ‘pure’ factor strategy for smart beta investors. The aim of this paper is to illustrate the benefits when factors are precise, unbiased, robust and efficient.


Consulting Market Stakeholders to Ensure Benchmarks Continue to be Representative

Published By: | October 26, 2018

As capital markets evolve and issuance patterns change, it is important to constantly review index eligibility thresholds to ensure the benchmark accurately reflects and tracks the market it is intended to represent.



Published By: | October 12, 2018

Stock Buybacks vs Diversified Dividends


Preparing For Legal Cannabis

Authored By: Carleen Kay | Publish Date: October 11, 2018

Employers are facing new challenges when it comes to substances used by employees both in and out of the workplace. What employers should consider in ensuring a safe workplace and that employees go home safely each day was the focus of a CPBI Alberta South session focused on the science of cannabis and the employer’s role in managing absence and disability related to substance use disorders.

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The Retirement Rule of $20

Published By: | October 5, 2018

How much money do you need for a financially healthy retirement? Can your retirement savings keep up with inflation? How will market volatility impact your nest egg? And the biggest question of all: How long will my money last?


Credit investing – bias beware as the cycle turns

Authored By: Josh Lohmeier | Publish Date: October 3, 2018

Has the decades-long bull market in bonds made some credit managers look better than they really are? In the favourable market environment of the past 30 years, many managers found success simply by taking on additional risk and not necessarily adding much value.

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The Individual Pension Plan – Getting Out

Authored By: Joseph Nunes | Publish Date: October 1, 2018

Most sponsors of individual pension plans (IPPs) are sold a product intended to achieve one or more goals, such as targeting a certain retirement income, rewarding long and loyal service, or creating ‘golden handcuffs’ to retain key employees. Embedded in the many possible goals is almost always the desire to tax-shelter more dollars for an employee than is possible under an RRSP.

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Inclusion or exclusion? Exploring carbon as a ‘pure’ factor

Published By: HSBC Global Asset Management | September 18, 2018

Investors are seeking equity solutions that incorporate climate considerations. Reducing a portfolio’s carbon footprint by exclusion is a blunt approach. We prefer factor optimisation in multi-factor portfolios, which can generate higher risk-adjusted returns while keeping portfolios aligned with broader climate objectives.


Pharmacogenomics- Not a Concept for the Future, it is a REALITY NOW!

Published By: Personalized Prescribing Inc. | September 17, 2018

Pharmacogenomics- Not a concept for the future, it is a REALITY Now! This changed the traditional “one size fits to all” method of prescribing to one that is personalized. Pharmacogenomics is an excellent tool for employers/ disability managers to address employee’s drug related disability or absenteeism.


S&P 500 makes history, recording longest bull market run ever

Published By: | August 27, 2018

Author: Brent Joyce, chief investment strategist at GLC Asset Management.

It’s official. Born from the depths of the country’s worst financial crisis, and fueled by historically low interest rates, unprecedented government interventions, and blossoming global technology giants like Facebook and Amazon, comes the longest bull market the U.S. has ever seen (3,453 calendar days to be precise). The S&P 500 hit 2861.82 today, a 323% gain from its low in March 2009