Liability Driven Investing (Part One): Why LDI Matters,  Especially Today

Liability Driven Investing (Part One): Why LDI Matters, Especially Today

In Part One of a new series titled Manage Complexity, Deliver Clarity, François Hélou, CFA, Director, Head of Balance Sheet Solutions Sales at BMO Global Asset Management, shares his expertise on Liability Driven Investing (LDI). He explains how adopting a risk-management approach to investments both enhances the long-term sustainability of Canadian Defined Benefit pension plans (“DB plans”) and mitigates the impact that  declining long-term nominal rates and equity market volatility have on their funding.

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Lessons from across the pond DC plans in the US and the UK

Published By: Eversheds Sutherland | 12/02/2018

As in many areas, when it comes to saving for retirement the US and UK share a number of things in common. Although both countries have a history of DB plans, these are now predominantly legacy arrangements with most closed to new participants and, in many cases, future accrual also. Read More


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