Gold: A Zero-Risk Monetary Asset

During the 2008 financial crisis, gold was used in international settlements as a zero-risk asset after many decades of being sidelined in the monetary system. Since then the world’s central banks have been substantially increasing their official gold reserves. Gold’s old emergency usefulness resurfaced, albeit behind closed doors, at the BIS in Basel, Switzerland.

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2017 Eckler CAP Legal Forum: Improving disclosure and decumulation

Published By: Eckler | 16/08/2017

How can the government help modernize the Canadian capital accumulation plan (CAP) landscape? What regulatory changes are needed to help protect CAP sponsors from key risks relating to disclosure and decumulation? Eckler’s 2017 CAP Legal Forum brought together some of Canada’s leading pension lawyers and government representatives to discuss these issues.

*Reprinted with permission from Eckler Ltd.


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