SRI Directory

Aberdeen Standard Investments

Contact: Chris Wright, Head of Business Development - Canada

Address: 161 Bay St., 44th Floor, TD Canada Trust Tower, Toronto, ,

Products/Services: EAFE Plus Equity SRI, Global Equity SRI

Philosophy/Style: Employs bottom-up fundamental analysis focusing on absolute return; invests in companies with sound fundamentals that pass investment criteria for quality, price and ESG risks; for SRI mandates, companies must also pass a screening process for acceptable social behavior.

Established: 1995

Addenda Capital Inc.

Contact: Michel Jalbert, Executive Vice-president, Business Development & Client Partnerships

Address: 800 Rene-Levesque Blvd. W., Ste. 2750, Montreal, ,

Phone: 514-287-7373

Fax: 514-287-7200

Products/Services: Integrated ESG research for all asset classes, Impact Investing, Client-directed SRI screens, Fossil-Free Fixed Income, International Equity SRI Funds

Philosophy/Style: At Addenda Capital, we integrate environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) matters into all of our investment and stewardship activities. Our objective is to enhance long-term investment performance for our clients and promote sustainable development for society.

Established: 1992

AGF Investments Inc.

Contact: Florence Narine, Senior Vice-president, Head of Canadian Institutional and Key Accounts

Address: 66 Wellington St. W., TD Bank Tower, 31st Floor, Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-815-6284


Products/Services: AGF Global Sustainable Growth Equity, AGFiQ Global ESG Factors ETF

Philosophy/Style: AGF Global Sustainable Growth Equity Strategy: an all cap, thematic, growth strategy positioned to benefit from the transition to a sustainable economy. AGFiQ Global ESG Factors ETF: the portfolio uses a proprietary, multi-factor, quantitative investment process based on ESG factors.

Established: 1991


Contact: Ellen DeNicola, Vice-president, Global Consultant Relations

Address: 330 Madison Ave., 9th Floor, New York, ,

Products/Services: U.S. Sustainable Large Cap Core Equity, Health Care Impact Equity, Emerging Markets Sustainable Impact Additionally, the majority of the firm’s AUM integrates potentially material ESG risks and opportunities within the fundamental research process. Our focus on financial materiality maximizes the integration of both ESG quality and alpha-related inputs. While we emphasize ESG integration across our strategies, we position our ESG program as client focused and offer solutions ranging from negative screening to best-in-class tilting, to thematic, to impact investing. We also have extensive experience managing portfolios in accordance with SRI guidelines, faith-based values and other client-mandated exclusions.

Philosophy/Style: We view ESG issues as an important input into fundamental analysis which can help minimize downside risk or maximize upside potential associated with ESG issues, otherwise not captured by traditional financial analysis, with the objective of achieving superior, long-term, risk-adjusted returns for clients.

Established: 2006

Amundi Canada Inc

Contact: Tanya Bishop, Senior Vice-president

Address: 120 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, ,

Phone: 647-201-4225


Products/Services: Integrated approach to ESG in active, passive, non-Canadian fixed income, equity, smart beta, green bonds, climate change or low carbon strategies, multi-asset sustainable future,customized active and passive ESG solutions.

Philosophy/Style: Active, Passive, Small, Mid, Large Cap, Value, Core. We provide active and passive non-Canadian Fixed Income and Equity strategies with a strong ESG profile as well as Smart Beta solutions.

Established: 1937


Contact: Michael Annis, Managing Director

Address: N/A, Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-721-3385


Products/Services: All strategies can be managed in a segregated mandate under ESG/SRI guidelines as determined by the client.

Philosophy/Style: Barings chose to adopt an integration approach to ESG incorporation primarily because fundamental, bottom-up analysis is the heart of our investment philosophy. We incorporate ESG factors throughout our rigorous investment analysis and decision-making processes.


BMO Global Asset Management

Contact: Ross Kappele, Head of Distribution & Client Management

Address: 1 First Canadian Place, 100 King St. W., 43rd Floor, Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-359-5217


Products/Services: reo, Responsible Global Equity, Sustainable Opportunities Global Equity, SDG Engagement Global Equity, Green Bonds, Responsible Emerging Markets Equity ESG, Responsible Emerging Markets Equity Screened ESG, Responsible Global Emerging Markets Equity, Emerging Markets Debt - Screened, Responsible Asia, Responsible China, Responsible UK Income, Responsible UK Growth, Responsible UK Bonds, Responsible Euro Bonds, Sustainable Opportunities European Equity, Sustainable European Bonds, Sustainable Multi-Asset, Sustainable Opportunities Canadian Equity, Women in Leadership, Sustainable Portfolios, BMO MSCI Canada ESG Leaders Index ETF (ESGA), BMO MSCI USA ESG Leaders Index ETF (ESGY), BMO MSCI EAFE ESG Leaders Index ETF (ESGE), BMO MSCI Global ESG Leaders Index ETF (ESGG), BMO ESG Corporate Bond Index ETF (ESGB), BMO ESG US Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF (ESGF), BMO Balanced ESG ETF (ZESG).

Philosophy/Style: We believe ESG issues can have an important impact on creating long-term investor value. Companies that successfully manage their ESG risks and follow ESG best practices may experience risk-adjusted outperformance over the longer-term.

Established: 1984

BNY Mellon Asset Servicing

Contact: Cynthia Shaw-Pereira, Vice-president, Client Solutions & Business Development, Global Risk Solutions

Address: 1 York St, Ste. 500, Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-775-5868


Products/Services: BNY Mellon ESG Analytics, BNY Mellon Compliance Monitoring, BNY Mellon Data & Analytics ESG Application


Established: 1997

Brookfield Asset Management

Contact: Eric Bonnor, Senior Vice-president

Address: 181 Bay St., Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-956-5162


Products/Services: Renewable Power assets through/alongside infrastructure products

Philosophy/Style: We operate long-term assets and businesses across the globe. This approach dictates both our investment strategy and our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices. We believe that value creation and sustainable development are complementary goals. Throughout our operations, we are committed to practices that have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.

Established: 2009

CIBC Asset Management Inc.

Contact: Doug MacDonald, CFA, Managing Director & Global Head of Distribution

Address: Brookfield Place, 161 Bay St., 22nd Floor , Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-780-5739

Fax: 416-364-3286

Products/Services: Canadian Fixed Income, Canadian Equities and Global Equities.

Philosophy/Style: Responsible investing is an approach to investing that explicitly acknowledges the relevance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. These factors are critical in any evaluation of the long-term health and stability of a company. Furthermore, we believe we have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of our clients and to base investment decisions on our professional judgment and thorough research.

Established: 1980

Cidel Asset Management Inc.

Contact: Jamie Brubacher, Institutional Relationship Manager

Address: 60 Bloor St. W., 9th Floor, Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-977-6767


Products/Services: Global Equity and Canadian Equity portfolios.

Philosophy/Style: Cidel utilizes a proprietary ESG analysis framework that combines both negative screening and direct investment research in order to generate our own ESG scoring of both portfolio companies and potential investments. This framework informs Cidel's portfolio construction and risk management process.

Established: 2015

Desjardins Global Asset Management

Contact: Marco Larocque, Director, Relationship Management

Address: 1 Complexe Desjardins, South Tower, 20th Floor, Montreal, ,

Products/Services: Actively Managed Strategies: Global Environment Equity Fund, Canadian Bonds, Canadian Equity. Rules-Based Strategies: Active Canadian Bonds – Low CO2, Canadian Equity Low CO2,, US Equity Low CO2, Canadian Equity Multifactor Low CO2, US Equity Multifactor Low CO2, Developed Equity ex-US ex-Canada Markets Low CO2, Emerging Markets Equity Multifactor Low CO2, Global Equity Multifactor – Fossil Fuel Reserves Free

Philosophy/Style: For its actively managed strategies, DGAM uses a proprietary rating of ESG indicators in the selection of securities for the management of responsible investment mandates. Its rating methodology is based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria (collected through research, shareholder dialogue activities or via external data providers). Issuers involved in the controversial arms sector, tobacco production or subject to critical controversy are excluded from the portfolios.

Established: 2013

Federated Hermes Inc.

Contact: David Gregoire, Vice-president, Global Institutional Sales Consultant

Address: 1001 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, ,

Phone: 416-527-1150

Fax: 412-288-1093

Products/Services: All of Federated Hermes' investment teams, with the exception of our passive and quantitative strategies, integrate ESG factors into their analysis. In addition, we offer the following dedicated ESG/Sustainability themed strategies: Global Equity ESG, Global Equity Screened ESG, Global Equity Low Carbon, Global Equity Ethical, Global Emerging Markets ESG, Global High Yield Credit ESG, Sustainable Europe Equity, SDG Engagement Equity, Impact Opportunities Equity and SDG Engagement High Yield Credit.

Philosophy/Style: We are guided by our conviction that responsible investing is the best way to create wealth over the long term. By investing responsibly, we aim to help people invest and retire better, to help clients achieve better risk-adjusted returns, and, where possible, to contribute to positive outcomes in the wider world.

Established: 1983

Fiera Capital

Contact: Vincent Cliche, Senior Analyst

Address: 1981 McGill College, Ste. 1500, Montreal, ,

Phone: 514-954-6504

Fax: 514-954-9692

Products/Services: Active Fixed Income Ethical ESG, Integrated Fixed Income Short/Mid, Canadian Equity Ethical ESG, Canadian Equity Fossil Fuel Free, Canadian Equity Ethical Fossil Fuel Free, US Equity Ethical ESG, International Equity Ethical ESG, Balanced EFT Fund, CRS Balanced Ethical ESG Fund

Philosophy/Style: Fiera’s ESG Integrated Framework is comprised of ESG friendly proxy voting, its firmwide Responsible Investing policy, ESG considerations through increased knowledge of companies, greater involvement with managers and their company and an ESG approach which is integrated in the fundamental decision-making process combined with flexibility of implementation.

Established: 2003

Franklin Templeton

Contact: Bill Tsotsos, Head of Institutional, Canada

Address: 200 King St. W., Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-957-6534


Products/Services: US Equity, EAFE Equity, Global Equity, Global Fixed Income, Canadian Equity, Canadian Fixed Income, Real Estate, Emerging Markets public and private equity

Philosophy/Style: Growth, value, core - integration of ESG factors into direct fundamental research.

Established: 1987

GLC Asset Management Group Ltd.

Contact: Craig Christie, Vice-president, Institutional Investment Solutions, Group Customer, Canada Life

Address: 100 Osborne St. N., Winnipeg, ,

Phone: 204-946-7944

Fax: 204-946-8818

Products/Services: All GLC managed funds (including equity, fixed income, balanced, asset allocation funds and alternative asset class funds) formally integrate ESG considerations into the investment decision process. For exclusionary SRI funds, GLC manages a SRI Canadian equity, SRI bond and SRI balanced portfolio with additional screening and exclusionary security selection criteria.

Philosophy/Style: GLC Asset Management Group Ltd. views responsible investing as an additional, rather than alternative, tool within GLC’s well-established and disciplined investment process to enhance long-term returns. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations are formally incorporated into every GLC investment portfolio.

Established: 2000

Guardian Capital LP

Contact: Brian Holland, Senior Vice-president, Client Services

Address: 199 Bay St., Commerce Court W., Ste. 3100, Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-350-3146

Fax: 416-364-9634

Products/Services: GEM Canadian Equity, GEM Global Equity, GEM Fixed Income, GEM Balanced

Philosophy/Style: Believes that engaging management is the most effective approach to change in corporate practices

Established: 2005

Hillsdale Investment Management Inc.

Contact: Harry Marmer, Executive Vice-president

Address: 1 First Canadian Place, Ste. 5900 100 King St. W., Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-913-3907


Products/Services: Hillsdale offers customized ESG investment management services including testing, screening and/or weighting in Canadian, U.S. and global active investment strategies for institutional investors. Our ESG Strategy Line-Up includes the following products: Global Strategy: Small Cap US Strategy: Small Cap Canadian Strategies: All Cap Momentum Quality Equity Income Value Momentum Quality Small Cap For over a quarter of a century, Hillsdale has invested in companies that have attractive financial attributes and sustainable business models. Since 2011 this has included companies with good corporate governance and a high level of accounting integrity. We are committed to ESG/RI investing through our membership and support of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance (CCGG), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and are expected to become a UNPRI signatory in Q4 2020. Hillsdale specializes in ESG strategy testing, screening, weighting, and implementation since 2011. ESG factors are considered and evaluated in our investment process on a strategy by strategy basis alongside all other potential alpha and risk signals. Our factor library contains over 2,500 factors (including 13 ESG factors) in 6 frequencies on 40,000 stocks. Within this factor library, ESG factors provide another lens through which we assess stocks. Hillsdale’s best practices and standards for ESG/RI-based investing are summarized below: I. Tone Set by Leadership II. Hillsdale’s Seven Stewardship Principles III. Sound Practices for Determining Materiality IV. Unparalleled Data Quality and Integrity V. An Open Source Research Platform VI. A Strong Risk Management Framework VII. A Commitment to Investment Excellence VIII. Evaluating the Carbon Footprints of Every Portfolio IX. A Client Centric Approach on RI/ESG Hillsdale’s ESG/RI capabilities are found on our website at the following URL:

Philosophy/Style: Hillsdale’s investment philosophy is based on decades of knowledge and experience in the meticulous application of fundamental, quantitative, and capital markets research. This systematic process allows for long memory, enormous breadth, and a rigorous decision-making process increasing the odds of performance repeatability, reducing behavioral biases and empowering risk management.

Established: 2011

Honeytree Investment Management Ltd.

Contact: Paula Glick, Co-Founder

Address: 265 Lauder Ave., Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-528-8369


Products/Services: Honeytree Global Equity Honeytree Global innovation Honeytree Canadian Equity Honeytree US Equity

Philosophy/Style: Honeytree Investment Management produces core public equity portfolios that are concentrated, high-conviction strategies with full ESG integration. Honeytree’s thesis is responsible growth whereby we use a quantamental process to identify stakeholder driven companies based on the strength of their governance and leadership, strong fundamentals, commitment to innovation and a strategic focus on making a net positive impact in the world.

Established: 2019

HSBC Global Asset Management (Canada) Limited

Contact: Ramy Zakher, Vice-president, Institutional Investments

Address: Ste 300, 70 York St., Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-868-8286

Fax: 416-361-6345

Products/Services: ESG Products Offered Globally: Global Lower Carbon Bond Global Equity Climate Change Global Lower Carbon Equity Global Sustainable Multi-Asset Balanced Global Sustainable Multi Asset Conservative SRI Euroland Equity SRI Global Equity SRI Euro Bond SRI Moderate (Multi-Asset) SRI Balanced (Multi-Asset) SRI Dynamic (Multi-Asset) Europe Equity Green Transition MSCI Europe Select SRI Index MSCI World Select SRI Index Real Economy Green Impact Opportunity

Philosophy/Style: We aim to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in our investment decisions to generate sustainable, long-term returns.

Established: 2007

J.P. Morgan Asset Management (Canada) Inc.

Contact: Geoff McLeod, Executive Director

Address: 66 Wellington St. W., Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-981-9162


Products/Services: ESG Integration: Defined as the systematic and explicit consideration of ESG factors in the investment decision-making process. ESG Integration approach does not limit the investment universe (I.e. does not exclude sectors or companies). • As of the 30th of June 2020 ESG integrated strategies represent ~ USD 1.9tn, this includes strategies in Equities, Fixed Income, Alternatives, Solutions and Liquidity. Best-In-Class: An investment style that involves investing only in companies that lead their peer groups in respect of sustainability performance. JPMAM offers six best-in-class products: • JPMorgan US Sustainable Leaders Fund (formerly JPMorgan Intrepid Sustainable Equity Fund) (Inception 2003, but converted its name in both 2016 and 2020). • JPMorgan Europe Sustainable Equity Fund (Inception December 2016) • JPMorgan Global Sustainable Equity Fund (Inception October 2018) • JPMorgan Emerging Markets Sustainable Equity Fund (Inception November 2019) • JPMorgan Europe Sustainable Small Cap Equity Fund (Inception December 2019) • JPMorgan Multi-manager Sustainable Long-Short Fund (Inception February 2020) Positive Tilt: An investment style in which the portfolio will be tilted toward sectors, companies, or projects with positive ESG characteristics. JPMAM offers two positive tilt products: • JPMorgan Global Macro Sustainable Fund (Inception August 2019) • JPMorgan Global Bond Opportunities Fund (Inception November 2019) Exclusions: The exclusion from a fund or portfolio of certain sectors, companies or practices based on specific values or norms based criteria. • JPMAM offers four ETFs (US Equity, Europe, Global EM & Global) utilizing our Research Enhanced investment process (inception 4Q 2018). • JPMorgan Global Social Responsible Fund (Inception 2000) Thematic: Top down investment approach, investments in themes or assets specifically related to sustainability. • JPMAM offers the Municipal Income Fund (Inception 1993) in addition to capabilities in green bond investing • JPMAM also offers capabilities within Private Equity in regards to customized portfolio solutions, specifically in regards to aging population (targeting health & wellness related investments) and diversity/inclusion (targeting investments in women-led or minority-led investments)


Established: 1970

Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc.

Contact: Paul Vaillancourt, CFA, Partner - Director, Investment Services, Partner

Address: Suite 2510, 1800 Ave. McGill College, Montreal, ,

Phone: 800-307-8557

Fax: 514-499-0361



Products/Services: Fossil Fuel Free Equity, Fossil Fuel Free Canadian Equity Plus, ESG Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity, ESG Balanced,

Philosophy/Style: Our approach has remained unchanged since the inception of the firm and rests on the following pillars: -Fundamental analysis -Price sensitivity -Global perspective -Long-term investment horizon -ESG integration -Public-markets focus

Established: 2010

Lincluden Investment Management

Contact: Wayne Wilson, Vice-president

Address: 201 City Centre Dr., Ste. 201, Mississauga, ,

Phone: 905-273-3018

Fax: 905-273-4882

Products/Services: ESG Mandates - Canadian Equities, US Equities, MSCI EAFE, MSCI World

Philosophy/Style: Value investors who believe that while financial markets are efficient in the long term, they can be inefficient in the short- to medium-term & financial markets will often misprice the stock price of a company in the short run giving an investor the opportunity to buy securities at a discount to their economic or intrinsic value; ESG analysis is integrated in all portfolios in forming of the assessment of the quality & stability of each company's cash flows

Established: 2012

Matthews International Capital Management, LLC ("Matthews Asia")

Contact: Jonathan Schuman, Global Head of Sales and Client Services

Address: 4 Embarcadero Center, Ste. 550, San Francisco, ,

Phone: 415-954-4532

Fax: 415-788-4804

Products/Services: Matthews Asia ESG Strategy

Philosophy/Style: We follow a fundamental bottom-up active investment process with ESG integration. We focus on Asian businesses that improve quality of life and make human or business activity less destructive to the environment, while promoting social and economic development.

Established: 2015

MFS Investment Management Canada Limited

Contact: Christine Girvan, Senior Managing Director, Head of Canadian Distribution

Address: 77 King St. W., 35th Floor, Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-361-7273


Products/Services: MFS offers a range of four pooled funds which are managed with SRI considerations: Responsible Balanced Fund, Responsible Canadian Fixed Income Fund, Responsible Canadian Research Equity Fund, Responsible Global Research Fund. In addition MFS offers customized screening for separate account portfolios. Additionally, all MFS clients also benefit from our fundamental environmental, social and governance research, which ensures that sustainability concerns are being considered as part of the fundamental analysis of every holding in their portfolios and are an integral part of each investment decision.

Philosophy/Style: Our investment approach focuses on identifying companies and issuers with sustainable, long-term competitive advantages. As part of this approach, we believe that the integration of ESG factors into our research is essential, as these issues often impact the long-term, sustainable value of businesses.

Established: 1994

Montrusco Bolton Investments Inc.

Contact: Richard Guay, Senior Vice-president

Address: 1501 McGill College Ave., Ste. 1200, Montreal, ,

Phone: 514-842-6464

Fax: 514-282-2550

Products/Services: SRI guidelines are applied to all fundamentally-managed equity and fixed income strategies.

Philosophy/Style: MBI’s approach to responsible investment is focused on incorporating ESG factors in our security selection process and engaging with the companies in which we invest. Examples include our proxy voting strategy, filing shareholder proposals, collaborating with industry specialists, and screening.

Established: 2005

NEI Investments

Contact: Louis Spadacini, Vice-president, Institutional & Strategic Relationships

Address: 1200-151 Yonge St., Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-305-3510


Products/Services: NEI’s entire fund complex benefits from the extensive Responsible Investment engagement program, including corporate dialogue, proxy voting and shareholder proposals. In addition to engagement NEI offers a suite of Impact Funds: NEI Global Sustainable Balanced Fund, NEI Environmental Leaders Fund, NEI Global Impact Bond Fund; and a suite of Responsible Screen funds: consisting of a series of NEI Portfolio Asset Allocation Funds, NEI ESG Canadian Enhanced Index Fund, NEI Canadian Equity RS Fund, NEI Canadian Small Cap Equity RS Fund, NEI U.S. Equity RS Fund, NEI Global Dividend RS Fund, NEI Global Equity RS Fund, NEI International Equity RS Fund, NEI Emerging Markets Fund, NEI Canadian Bond Fund, NEI Global Total Return Bond Fund.

Philosophy/Style: NEI Investments is a Canadian asset manager committed to providing focused investment solutions advised by best-of-breed, independent portfolio managers. NEI delivers active asset management with a longstanding focus on environmental, social and governance factors, and a well-defined corporate engagement process designed to create sustainable long-term value. For more information please visit

Established: 1986

Optimum Asset Management Inc.

Contact: Brigitte Gascon, Senior Vice-president, Development

Address: 425 de maisonneuve Blvd. W., Montreal, ,

Phone: 514-288-7545


Products/Services: All strategies offered at Optimum Asset Management are SRI Products

Philosophy/Style: OAM believes that a company having good ESG standards & practices will, in the long run, be better managed &, therefore, get better results

Established: 2012

PH&N Institutional

Contact: John Skeans, Head of Consultant Relations (Canada)

Address: 20th Floor, 200 Burrard St., Vancouver, ,

Phone: 604-408-6238

Fax: 604-685-5712

Products/Services: RBC GAM recognizes that we have an obligation as a large global investor to act as an active, engaged and responsible owner and believes that such an approach will better enable us to enhance the long-term, sustainable performance of our portfolios. We define Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Integration as the systematic integration of ESG factors into the investment process. All of our investment teams, across all asset classes and strategies, incorporate ESG analysis into their investment processes. It is our view that it is optimal for each of our investment teams to develop their own methods to integrate ESG factors into their respective investment processes. This bottom-up approach ensures that the integration of ESG factors adds value and complements the teams’ well-established investment processes, since each team is able to focus on the methodologies that work best for it, as well as the ESG issues it deems most material to its investments. We also offer strategies that are specifically designed to incorporate socially responsible investing (SRI) principles into the portfolio construction. We define Socially Responsible Investing as the application of positive or negative screens to include or exclude companies from the investment universe based on a defined set of values. The RBC Vision strategies invest primarily in the securities of companies that conduct themselves in a socially responsible manner. The strategies apply qualitative and exclusionary screens for security selection in accordance with their ESG analytical framework. In addition, we manage an exchange-traded strategy focused on women in leadership. Further, we are capable of managing customized SRI portfolios for institutional clients in Canada, and have been doing so since 1992. These mandates are managed on a case-by-case basis, whereby our portfolio managers would work with the client to construct a segregated SRI portfolio to include or exclude specific investments in accordance with their investment guidelines and ethical commitments. Our SRI offering includes the following funds: RBC Vision Balanced Fund, RBC Vision Bond Fund, RBC Vision Canadian Equity Fund, RBC Vision Global Equity Fund, and the RBC Vision Fossil Fuel Free Global Equity Fund, as well as the RBC Vision Women's Leadership Canada Index ETF.

Philosophy/Style: All of our investment teams incorporate ESG analysis into their investment processes, including our SRI strategies where our investment teams still integrate ESG factors into the investment process after the application of the positive or negative screens.

Established: 1992

Pictet Asset Management

Contact: Gian Carlo Siracusa, Senior Business Development Manager

Address: 1000 de la Gauchetiere W., Ste. 3100, Montreal, ,

Phone: 514-288-0253

Fax: 514-288-5473

Products/Services: Core Strategies: EAFE, SRI Bonds, SRI Equities, SRI Balanced, Thematic Strategies: Biotech, Water, Clean Energy, Timber, Nutrition, Global Environmental Opportunities (GEO), Health, Smart City, Global Thematic Opportunities (GTO), Sustainable Strategies: European Sustainable Equities, Emerging Markets Sustainable Equities

Philosophy/Style: We integrate material ESG criteria in our investment processes and ownership practices to enhance returns and/or mitigate risks, and aim to embed ESG in our risk management and reporting tools to maintain high standards of transparency and accountability.

Established: 1995

PIMCO Canada Corp.

Contact: Patrice Denis, Executive Vice-president

Address: 199 Bay St., Ste. 2050, Toronto, ,

Phone: 514-989-3187

Fax: 416-368-3576

Products/Services: PIMCO Total Return ESG Fund, PIMCO Low Duration ESG Fund, PIMCO Climate Bond Fund, PIMCO ESG Income Fund, EMNT, RAFI ESG, GIS Global Bond ESG Fund, GIS Global Investment Grade Credit Fund, GIS Climate Bond Fund, GIS Emerging Markets Bond Fund

Philosophy/Style: SRI, also known as ethics-based investing or values-based investing, is an investment approach that typically utilizes negative screens to restrict the investment universe. PIMCO works with the end client to determine areas of exclusion that are important to clients. In addition, PIMCO applies a robust framework across its ESG solutions, seeking to deliver maximum impact for investors. This framework includes three key elements: exclusion, evaluation and engagement. The team engages collaboratively with companies, encouraging them to improve their ESG practices and influence long term change. In terms of ESG, we think that integrating an analysis of environmental, social and governance risk factors into our investment research process is essential to delivering superior long-term returns in a sustainable fashion. For this reason, we integrate ESG research in both our top-down (i.e. macro) and bottom-up (i.e. security specific) processes across portfolios and have done so for years.

Established: 1989

QMA, a PGIM Company

Contact: Brad Zenz, Managing Director, Head of North American Sales

Address: Gateway Center Two, 6th Floor, Newark, ,

Phone: 949-933-8448


Products/Services: Global Core Equity ESG

Philosophy/Style: QMA believes that strong governance leads to improved management of social and environmental issues. Through our collective engagement and work with stewardship and governance organizations and data providers, we seek to improve the quality, quantity and consistency of ESG investing.

Established: 2018

Russell Investments

Contact: Andrew Kitchen, Managing Director, Canada Institutional

Address: 100 King St. W., Ste. 4510, Toronto, ,

Products/Services: We incorporate responsible investing in our investment manager evaluation process, our portfolio management, our advisory services, and through implementing proprietary solutions to meet client needs. In addition, the Russell Investments ESG Global Equity Pool is designed to reduce the portfolio’s total exposure to carbon footprint and fossil fuel reserves by 50% and commits to zero holdings in tobacco, firearms and alcohol industries. The Pool aims to have greater exposure to renewable energy than the MSCI World index.

Philosophy/Style: We research and select managers with full knowledge of their ESG metrics and have developed our own proprietary ESG scoring methodology for our direct investing capabilities. As a result of our integrated approach, were received “A/A+” rating from the UNPRI in 2020. We are active owners of all our holdings and focus on specific ESG actions in our engagement activities.


Stewart Investors

Contact: Hugh Tancred, Relationship Manager

Address: 10E. 53rd St, Level 21, New York, ,

Phone: 212-848-9243

Fax: 212-848-9243

Products/Services: Stewart Investors Worldwide (Global) Sustainability Strategy, Stewart Investors Worldwide (Global) Sustainability Leaders Strategy, Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Strategy, Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Sustainability Strategy, Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Sustainability Strategy, Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Strategy

Philosophy/Style: We look for good quality companies (management, franchise and financials) that are particularly well positioned to benefit from, and contribute to, the sustainable development of the countries in which they operate. Please select this link for more details:

Established: 2006

TD Asset Management Inc.

Contact: Mark Cestnik, Managing Director

Address: 161 Bay St., 34th Floor, Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-983-7088


Products/Services: TD Asset Management (TDAM) offers two mutual funds with a socially responsible investing focus and a separately managed SRI equity model for high net worth investors in the TD Private Investment Counsel distribution channel. TD North American Sustainability Equity Fund follows a socially responsible approach to investing that seeks to invest in quality North American companies in growing industries with strong business models, growing free cash flow, and solid growth potential. Furthermore, the fund is actively managed by equity specialists with a demonstrated track record of identifying attractive North American companies. The TD North American Sustainability Balanced Fund follows a socially responsible approach to investing in a diversified investment solution designed to provide monthly cash flow and some growth. The fund also uses a forward-looking asset allocation approach that can potentially minimize volatility across markets while capturing yield opportunities. The model is called the TD North American Sustainability Leadership Equity Model (formerly the TD Private Investment Counsel North American Equity SRI Model). We believe the strategy will enhance our ability to help investors growth their wealth responsibly, investing in companies who are on the right side of change. The model uses a goals-based framework that invests in high quality companies that demonstrate positive contributions towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals as set by the U.N.

Philosophy/Style: At TDAM, we are committed to meeting the evolving needs of our clients by providing responsible investment options that help advance ESG issues while generating long-term, sustainable returns. Societal demands, policy direction and investor capabilities are cultivating demand for ESG products and TDAM is at the forefront of change. For more information about TDAM's achievements and initiatives related sustainable investing, please visit: TD North American Sustainability Equity Fund seek to achieve long-term capital appreciation while following a socially responsible approach to investing. The fund may invest primarily in, or gain exposure to, North American equity securities. TD North American Sustainability Balanced Fund seek to earn income with the potential for capital appreciation while following a socially responsible approach to investing. The fund may invest primarily in, or gain exposure to, North American equity and fixed income securities. TD North American Sustainability Leadership Equity Model aims to achieve its fundamental investment objective by investing in companies that demonstrate positive contributions towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as set by the U.N. The model will exclude companies with a below median ESG rating as per Sustainalytics.

Established: 2007

UBS Asset Management

Contact: David Coyle, Executive Director

Address: 161 Bay St., Ste. 4100, Toronto, ,

Phone: 416-681-5200

Fax: 416-681-5100

Products/Services: Global Sustainable Equity, Sustainable Impact, Climate Aware.

Philosophy/Style: Global Sustainable Equity invests in attractively valued companies with strong fundamental valuation as well as a long-term sustainable business model.

Established: 1997

William Blair

Contact: Jason R. Stefanelli, Director, Canada

Address: 125 High St., Ste. 1901, Boston, ,

Phone: 617-784-5662

Fax: 312-277-3522

Products/Services: Global Leaders Sustainability, Sustainable Fixed Income

Philosophy/Style: William Blair believes that strong corporate performance is the foundation of superior long-term investment returns. The essence of corporate success lies in building intrinsic strengths in the management of human capital, financial resources and stakeholder relationships, and delivering quality, and value to customers.

Established: 2011