CPPIB Launches Information Campaign

Authored By: CPP Investment Board | Publish Date: January 4, 2019

The CPP Investment Board has introduced its first national information campaign designed to help engage, educate, and prepare Canadians about their financial future.

‘Investing Today for Your Tomorrow’ helps demystify a number of misconceptions about the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and provides information and context to the many questions Canadians have. Where does my money go from my paycheque? Who manages the fund? How big is the fund and will it be there in the future?

The campaign introduces the CPP Investment Board as the enabler to help Canadians have a solid start in retirement and helps demystify the vital issue of pension health

and personal financial future.

A series of always-on digital and social content pieces helps to dispel the myths about the Canadian Pension Plan and showcases how the CPPIB is investing the CPP Fund on behalf of 20 million working Canadians.

Canadians saw TV commercials during the IIHF Ice Hockey World Junior Championships and on other conventional and specialty channels. As well as a diverse range of short digital videos that help Canadians learn more when planning for the future.

People will start to see Millennial Employee Testimonials showcasing young talent at CPP Investment Board that will share employee journeys and why it’s rewarding for them to work for 20 million working and retired Canadians every day.

“This campaign is designed to speak to Canadians and educate them for a broader understanding,” says Bill Ramsammy, CPPIB director of marketing communications. “Our new content marketing is a mix of education and entertainment ‒ ‘edutainment’ ‒ and has been launched to house information about lifestyle, retirement and the CPP Investment Board.”

A surprise reminder that one thing Canadians didn’t know they had in common, is a pension fund that is helping to build a solid foundation for retirement; a pension fund that is the envy of the world. The CPP Fund is in its best shape ever with $368 billion managed by CPPIB, an independent, professional investment organization. It is working to help sustain the Canada Pension Plan for decades to come, so that Canadians, their children and their children can have a start for retirement.

One of the most important things you can do in the five years leading up to retirement is manage your expectations for how you’ll live after you stop working.

CPPIB helps you save for retirement

Canada Pension Plan ‒ Why is it important?

  • There’s a large gap here between perception and reality and it’s causing people unnecessary anxiety and a lack of confidence around retirement planning.
  • This country’s pension system is Canada’s best-kept secret. CPPIB is a Canadian innovation and success story – and a world-class model for pension fund management.
  • Every year, CPPIB welcomes pension funds from around the world to its Toronto office to learn about the Canadian model and how they might replicate our approach. In Canada ‒ very few Canadians even know CPPIB exists.
  • The CPP is sustainable for the long-term and will be around to keep its pension promise to generations of Canadians. The organization is single-mindedly dedicated to ensuring this promise is kept.
  • Canadians can stop worrying about the CPP and instead focus on other ways they can supplement their CPP income during their retirement.
  • CPP is the foundation that Canadians can build upon.
  • Since its founding more than half a century ago, the Canada Pension Plan has been providing a foundational retirement income to Canadians from coast to coast to coast. For the past 19 years, CPP’s long-term viability has been ensured by the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, an independent organization that invests CPP assets not currently needed to pay benefits. With a focus on holding a diverse basket of low to high-risk assets, and both the time and patience to think long-term, CPPIB has more than doubled the value of CPP’s assets, generating a 10-year net real rate of return of 9.1 percent.

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