Ask Forstrong: Special Report Postcard From China

Published By: Tyler Mordy | October 29, 2019

I first travelled to China in 1993 (full disclosure: I was a trumpet nerd on tour with my school’s concert band). Back then, it was a blur of bulldozers, a dizzying amount of people and some ill-timed food poisoning … serious culture shock for a small-town kid from British Columbia.

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The case for a core allocation to emerging market debt

Published By: Schroders | 08/11/2019

A commonly held, but misplaced, belief that emerging market debt (EMD) is an obscure, risky, outpost of the fixed income universe has resulted in it being under-represented in many portfolios. Within each category (hard or local currency EMD), however, it has qualities that are similar to, or even better than, other core fixed income allocations.


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