Opinion: Questions I’ve Always Wanted To Ask An Investment Manager

Authored By: James C. L. Clark | Publish Date: 10/16/2017

I have been involved in institutional investment management for pension and related funds in Canada for over 25 years and I have always wondered about the fee model that is used for portfolio management services.

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The Lid Is Blown Off Sexual Harassment In Workplace – Everyone Is Now Talking About It!

Authored By: Warren Shepell | Publish Date: 10/11/2017

Workplaces need to take notice and be very clear about their zero tolerance for all types of harassment, including sexual harassment. All types of workplaces, whether it is retailing, manufacturing, communications, hospitals, or hospitality, need to put an abrupt stop to this bad and despicable behaviour.

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Portable Beta In Modern Fixed Income Design

Authored By: Kamyar Hazaveh | Publish Date: 10/04/2017

The concept of ‘portable alpha’ has been used extensively to help with the efficient portfolio design on different benchmarks that reflect investors’ various long-term goals. This article, on the other hand, will deal with the new concept of ‘portable beta’ for core fixed-income portfolios.

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It’s National Mental Health Awareness Week ‒ Here’s Why This Is A Big Deal For Employers

Authored By: Marianne Clyde | Publish Date: 10/02/2017

Providing good quality mental health and emotional intelligence training for employees is not just a compassionate move, but also a wise strategic move for an organization.

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Five Strategies For A Healthy Workforce

Authored By: Shaun Francis | Publish Date: 09/01/2017

How do you keep your workforce healthy? There are five strategies employers should implement to make sure their workforce is healthy, engaged and productive.

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