Tips And Tricks For Onboarding Employees And Optimizing Benefits Spend

Authored By: Lori Casselman | Publish Date: March 27, 2018

Investing in your employees should be a priority for every company. A health benefits plan is one of the largest investments an organization can make on its employees’ behalf and is a key factor in employee satisfaction and retention.

Ensuring employees are onboarded properly and fully understand the services available to them is an important step to ensure a strong return of investment for employers. HR professionals should be aware of the best onboarding and education practices and expect them of their provider.

Leading employee-centred organizations have a number of practices in place to ensure employees are onboarded quickly and effectively. Here are a few points to consider when evaluating health benefit providers.

Multichannel Approach

Industries have evolved to meet modern-day consumers’ needs and your benefits plan should be no different. Services and information should be easily and instantly accessible. With so many tools and different types of technology at our disposal, a modern day service provider should utilize many of these channels.

Resources on a variety of communication channels should be made available to employees, such as online resources, eBooks and webinars. Providers should also offer a means of support to address ongoing questions from employees, including, but not limited to, eMail, instant chat, and a 1-800 support line. Last year, League introduced Health Concierge, a personalized service that allows consumers wider access to all aspects of wellness support, including navigation and medical guidance along with connection to a broad range of treatment services. It’s seamless, transparent and 100 per cent digital.


Many benefits packages offered across organizations are very similar. But healthcare should not be approached as one-size-fits-all because despite how similar employees may be, no two are the same. A personalized approach should account for the unique and constantly evolving needs of each of your employees and your provider should be able to work with you to develop a program that best suits your organization’s and employee needs. Flexible options such as personalized spending accounts, a flexible health marketplace, and onsite workplace wellness programs allow employees to easily access the benefits they want.

Educating The Team

Unfortunately, it’s very common for employees to be completely unaware of the specifics of their health benefits coverage. This can lead to employees being out of pocket or frustrated with a lack of support and employers losing the investment of a health benefits plan all together. Therefore, it is worth the time and effort for organizations to provide regular educational sessions on what services are available, how much is covered, and how to navigate health benefits in the most beneficial way. This leads to better informed employees and ensures benefits are being used to the fullest.

While many organizations offer a range of health benefits, a lack of clarity and easily accessible information often results in confused employees and poorly valued benefits. Employees need to be able to find resources through a variety of channels that can clearly explain what their benefits can be used for and how they can customize their benefits to best suit their lifestyle. This will result in a better investment for the organization and higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Lori Casselman is chief health officer of League Inc.


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